4 Mnemonic Devices for Natural Memory Enhancement

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This is a post by Phoenix area supplement company Avky Inc.

Using mnemonic devices is a common, useful skill for remembering specific things (e.g., a phone number or address), and sometimes we use them without even realizing it. Actively using mnemonics throughout your day-to-day life can help engrain them as standard memory tools, and will naturally enhance your memory over time.

They work by organizing the content of your memories into easier-to-remember formats, such as turning a long string of numbers into a phone number or a song. There are a number of useful mnemonic devices you can try if you’re looking to improve your memory in a natural, passive way.

Avky Inc’s Suggested Mnemonic Devices

  1. Using Acronyms – Acronyms are a way of turning a series of letters or a particular phrase into an easier-to-remember sentence or set of words. Taking the first letter of each word (or each letter in the series) and turning it into a new, easy-to-remember word can help you recall the phrase much more easily. One example is in learning to read music: an acronym for the order of the notes on the page (EGBDF) is “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge.” Using acronyms in this way will aid you in remembering specific things and enhance your memory overall, too.
  2. Visualizing – Using visuals to remember things is a great way to expand your memory and help naturally enhance the connection between image and memory. If there is something specific you need to remember, such as a job interview or a meeting, you can associate it with a particular image (e.g., associate your keys with the job interview, that way every time you pick up your keys you will be reminded of it).
  3. Rhythm and rhyme – Using rhythm or rhyme is a timeless technique for memorization – this is how players would remember their lines in Shakespeare’s theatre, and why meter became so important in playwriting. It is much easier to remember someone’s name when there is an associated rhyme (such as “Tony owns a pony”), and it is much easier to remember a phrase or phone number when you can sing it (think of jingles for ad campaigns you heard on television years ago – you still remember them, right?).
  4. Repetition – It’s been shown that it takes eight seconds to commit something to short-term memory. After that, you have to engage with the short-term memory at least three times in order to commit it to long-term memory. So if you’re looking to find a way to naturally remember things more easily, or enhance your memory overall, remember those rules. When you meet someone for the first time, use their name at least three times in conversation and you’ll be sure to remember it!

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Music’s Role In Memory

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This is a post by Phoenix area supplement company Avky Inc.

Music is intimately tied to memory. Hearing a song you only heard in your childhood can immediately bring back memories you once thought lost. Songs and music are some of the things we become most nostalgic about. Even song lyrics themselves come back to us if we once knew them as soon as we hear the familiar tune or melody they are sung to. The tune reminds us of the words – this is why singing things you need to remember is often used a mnemonic device, and why ad slogans often take the form of a catchy jingle. So how can you use music to naturally enhance your memory?

Avky Inc: Enhancing Your Memory With Music

The best way to take advantage of the link between music and memory is to take up a musical instrument. Playing music takes a unique blend of brainpower which uses many of your different memory centers together.

Muscle memory allows your body to remember how to play the notes and get the timing right, while other parts of your memory aid you in remembering how the song sounds and what the lyrics might be. As a result, by playing music you are constantly expanding and reinforcing the memory pathways in your brain. This is true even if you already play an instrument, but taking up a new one is never a bad idea, either!

Your Brain On Music

One of the amazing things about using a musical instrument as a means of natural memory enhancement is the impact it can have on your health. The improvement can last a lifetime. Intentionally setting out to master new musical instruments is proven to counter some effects of psychological and stress-induced diseases as well as prevent the onset of various dementias.

There are cases of amnesia and other brain damaged victims who remember how to play music despite their symptoms. Music has been shown to lift people out of mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, and can aid in the care of children or adults with disabilities.

By picking up that musical instrument you’ve always wanted to learn, you’re not just achieving your goals. You’re also naturally enhancing your memory, your mental acuity, and overall brain health, too. So what are you waiting for? Whether it’s the guitar, piano, trumpet, or something more obscure – the specifics aren’t important, only the music is! Keep yourself sharp and take up an instrument!

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Sleep’s Role in Memory Improvement

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In today’s world, we glorify being busy. The less sleep we get, the better, right? After all, that gives us more time to get work done or catch up on a Netflix series. Well, if you’re looking to naturally improve your memory, you may want to rethink this philosophy. In fact, studies on sleep from around the world are showing that lack of sleep is one of the single greatest contributors to all-cause mortality there is. So it’s not just your memory that will benefit by letting yourself catch that extra hour of sleep at night.

Brain Growth

Our brain is like any other muscle – when we use it, it grows. It just doesn’t grow bigger like other muscles (at least not on the outside!). The ability for our brains to grow this way, even as we age, is a relatively new medical concept called “neuroplasticity.” And it turns out that this plasticity is largely induced and supported by sleep.

Haven’t you ever heard the expression “sleep on it?” This isn’t just an old wives’ tale. Sleeping is clinically proven to make you better at connecting ideas, thinking abstractly, and relating memories. You can almost think of sleep as giving your brain time to process and put in order everything it’s experienced throughout the day. Is it any wonder you wake up with your memory improved, then?

Getting Enough Sleep

The average adult needs about eight hours of sleep each night. This is optimal for keeping your memory sharp and even improving it if you are sleeping less than this. Try to stick to a somewhat predictable schedule – no one’s perfect, an hour or so difference from day to day won’t hurt – so that you are sleeping sooner and getting the most of the time you spend horizontal. Making your sleep schedule more efficient this way will allow you to squeeze more time asleep in than you otherwise thought was available to you.

If you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, don’t be afraid to take a nap if you can get away with it. Short bursts of sleep when you really need it are almost certain to boost your brainpower and your memory along with it. Over the long-term, ensuring that you are getting enough sleep at night or by supplementing with naps is one of the best ways you can naturally and permanently improve your memory.

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Natural Memory Enhancement: The Right Way

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People are looking to improve themselves in more ways than ever, and with the advent of the internet it’s easy for anyone to investigate how to do so. Memory enhancement is a common desire among many. Whether it’s to stay focused at work, stop forgetting your keys (or your anniversary!), or keep your mind healthy into old age, memory is often one of the things we’d most like to improve in ourselves. So it’s no surprise that we can sometimes turn to dubious sources or fall for outrageous promises in this pursuit. It’s best to stick to tried and true, natural methods, of which there are many.

Natural Memory Enhancement

There are all kinds of pharmaceutical and supplemental alleged “memory enhancers” on the market. These are not regulated and claims about their efficacy are questionable. Certainly there are some supplements out there that may help, and of course you should always take your doctor’s recommendation on anything if it should come to that (i.e., regarding things like dementia).

But if you’re simply looking to increase your abilities of memory on your own, there are plenty of ways you can do this naturally, without the use of shady substances purchased online.

How To Improve Your Memory

The two most important things you can do for your memory are to work on your diet and keep your brain active daily. That means avoiding too much processed sugars and starches, and adding fatty acids (e.g., from fish) to your meals more often. It also means not spending all your spare time on Netflix, chores, drinking alcohol, or getting a little extra work done.

Take some time for yourself to engage your memory or your cognitive abilities with things as simple as Sudoku puzzles or mental math challenges. These two changes, diet and keeping your mind active, will themselves yield gradual, noticeable improvements in your memory. They’re also proven to delay the onset of or even prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s. In addition to these key techniques, you can also exercise more, and practice meditation. Both of these are also proven to naturally enhance your memory. Sleeping right is important, too – a groggy mind is never very good at remembering things!

Keep the natural methods for memory improvement in mind the next time you curse yourself for losing your wallet yet again. Before you spend time and money on unproven, ineffective, and expensive supplements, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself to focus on diet, exercise, mental activity, sleep, and meditation.

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Work Out Your Memory Naturally With Exercise

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Exercise makes us feel good mentally and physically. The rush of endorphins it rewards us with is what keeps us going back to the elliptical machine, as much as we dread it. It’s always worth it when we see the results in the mirror, right? But it’s only recently that neuroscience has shown us how exercise positively impacts the brain, too, and not just the body.

Improving Brain Health

So how exactly is it that exercise boosts your memory? Well, some of those endorphins mentioned earlier are actually proteins that promote neurological health. In addition to benefiting cognitive function overall, these proteins are also responsible for activating and expanding memory centers in the brain. This means that you don’t even have to change your workout routine – just keep it up, and your brain will naturally improve your memory on its own!

Exercising as a Memory Enhancer

Exercise is a great way to naturally enhance your memory. It will help you learn new tasks more quickly, remember more things for longer, and keep your brain healthy long into old age. Most kinds of moderate to vigorous exercise will achieve these results. Strength training, running, and even stretching exercises like yoga are enough to keep your brain active and growing.

In addition to this sort of sustained exercise, it’s also healthy to incorporate intermittent movement into your daily routine. A lot of people have jobs that keep them seated or otherwise unmoving. Try standing every once in a while, taking short walks, or transitioning to a standing desk if it’s an option. All of these are additional techniques for not only maintaining physical health but keeping your memory and brain health sharp, too.

Keeping You Healthy Longer

This isn’t an instant gratification scheme. Exercise should be a key part of your lifestyle if you want to see any of the benefits it offers, and that includes memory enhancement. Going on one run won’t have you reciting the digits of Pi – but sustained exercise integrated into your day-to-day life will absolutely yield improvements in both physical health and mental acuity.

It may not be noticeable at first, but the science is clear. Whether it’s clarity of recollection or short-term focus, exercise is a natural way to improve both. Eventually you might realize you’re simply not as forgetful as you used to be. You can thank your personal trainer for that!

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