Work Out Your Memory Naturally With Exercise

Exercise makes us feel good mentally and physically. The rush of endorphins it rewards us with is what keeps us going back to the elliptical machine, as much as we dread it. It’s always worth it when we see the results in the mirror, right? But it’s only recently that neuroscience has shown us how exercise positively impacts the brain, too, and not just the body.

Improving Brain Health

So how exactly is it that exercise boosts your memory? Well, some of those endorphins mentioned earlier are actually proteins that promote neurological health. In addition to benefiting cognitive function overall, these proteins are also responsible for activating and expanding memory centers in the brain. This means that you don’t even have to change your workout routine – just keep it up, and your brain will naturally improve your memory on its own!

Exercising as a Memory Enhancer

Exercise is a great way to naturally enhance your memory. It will help you learn new tasks more quickly, remember more things for longer, and keep your brain healthy long into old age. Most kinds of moderate to vigorous exercise will achieve these results. Strength training, running, and even stretching exercises like yoga are enough to keep your brain active and growing.

In addition to this sort of sustained exercise, it’s also healthy to incorporate intermittent movement into your daily routine. A lot of people have jobs that keep them seated or otherwise unmoving. Try standing every once in a while, taking short walks, or transitioning to a standing desk if it’s an option. All of these are additional techniques for not only maintaining physical health but keeping your memory and brain health sharp, too.

Keeping You Healthy Longer

This isn’t an instant gratification scheme. Exercise should be a key part of your lifestyle if you want to see any of the benefits it offers, and that includes memory enhancement. Going on one run won’t have you reciting the digits of Pi – but sustained exercise integrated into your day-to-day life will absolutely yield improvements in both physical health and mental acuity.

It may not be noticeable at first, but the science is clear. Whether it’s clarity of recollection or short-term focus, exercise is a natural way to improve both. Eventually you might realize you’re simply not as forgetful as you used to be. You can thank your personal trainer for that!

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