Music’s Role In Memory

This is a post by Phoenix area supplement company Avky Inc.

Music is intimately tied to memory. Hearing a song you only heard in your childhood can immediately bring back memories you once thought lost. Songs and music are some of the things we become most nostalgic about. Even song lyrics themselves come back to us if we once knew them as soon as we hear the familiar tune or melody they are sung to. The tune reminds us of the words – this is why singing things you need to remember is often used a mnemonic device, and why ad slogans often take the form of a catchy jingle. So how can you use music to naturally enhance your memory?

Avky Inc: Enhancing Your Memory With Music

The best way to take advantage of the link between music and memory is to take up a musical instrument. Playing music takes a unique blend of brainpower which uses many of your different memory centers together.

Muscle memory allows your body to remember how to play the notes and get the timing right, while other parts of your memory aid you in remembering how the song sounds and what the lyrics might be. As a result, by playing music you are constantly expanding and reinforcing the memory pathways in your brain. This is true even if you already play an instrument, but taking up a new one is never a bad idea, either!

Your Brain On Music

One of the amazing things about using a musical instrument as a means of natural memory enhancement is the impact it can have on your health. The improvement can last a lifetime. Intentionally setting out to master new musical instruments is proven to counter some effects of psychological and stress-induced diseases as well as prevent the onset of various dementias.

There are cases of amnesia and other brain damaged victims who remember how to play music despite their symptoms. Music has been shown to lift people out of mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, and can aid in the care of children or adults with disabilities.

By picking up that musical instrument you’ve always wanted to learn, you’re not just achieving your goals. You’re also naturally enhancing your memory, your mental acuity, and overall brain health, too. So what are you waiting for? Whether it’s the guitar, piano, trumpet, or something more obscure – the specifics aren’t important, only the music is! Keep yourself sharp and take up an instrument!

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